The French Leader Bienville

Richard Green

The French explorer who later became the Governor of French Louisiana, Bienville, was the highest-ranking European who learned the Chickasaw (and similar Choctaw) language – believing it would facilitate trade relations. The Governor of the British colony Carolina sent emissaries instead.


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Battle of Ackia: Bienville Retreats

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With the odds stacked against them at the small village of Ackia, the Chickasaws managed to force Bienville and his men to retreat.

Sniping Raids on the Chickasaws

Brad Lieb
Weakened and embarrassed by their defeats, the French removed Bienville as governor of Louisiana.

The French Plan to Colonize French Louisiana

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Richard Green describes how this ambition put the French in direct competition with the British who were by this time aligned with the Chickasaws.