Sniping Raids on the Chickasaws

Brad Lieb

Weakened and embarrassed by their defeats, the French removed Bienville as governor of Louisiana and spent the next few years developing a large-scale attack on the Chickasaws. Instead of enjoying a respite, however, the Chickasaws endured devastating sniping raids by other Indians allied with the French.


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Bienville Attacks Ackia, the Longtown Cluster

Brad Lieb
Under pressure from Choctaw guides with their own agenda, Bienville ordered an attack on the Chickasaw Longtown Cluster of villages.

Battle of Ackia: The French Plan to Crush the Chickasaws

Brad Lieb
The Chickasaws had become a thorn in the side of the French, who often found their boats of supplies and goods for trading attacked and pillaged.

The Chickasaws: The Firing Line Was "Like Blackbirds"

Brad Lieb
An Iroquois Indian who escaped during the attack on Ogoula Tchetoka later described the advancing Chickasaw firing line “like blackbirds."

The French Leader Bienville

Richard Green
The French explorer who later became the Governor of French Louisiana, Bienville, was the highest-ranking European who learned the Chickasaw language.