Battle of Ackia: Bienville Retreats

Brad Lieb

With the odds stacked against them at the small village of Ackia, the Chickasaws managed to force Bienville and his men to retreat after losing 70 men in the first hour of battle.


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Battle of Ackia: Bienville Arrives a Month Late

Brad Lieb
The anticipated attack by the French surge from the South led by Governor Bienville, arrived a month late.

Bienville Attacks Ackia, the Longtown Cluster

Brad Lieb
Under pressure from Choctaw guides with their own agenda, Bienville ordered an attack on the Chickasaw Longtown Cluster of villages.

Ackia Misfire: D'Arteguette Attacks Early

Brad Lieb
With a large army and Indian allies, the French seemed poised to overtake the Chickasaws on March 26, 1736.

Bienville Guided by Choctaws

Brad Lieb
Though he demanded to be taken to the Natchez village, Bienville wrote that the Choctaw guides led him “to and fro.”

Battle of Ackia: The French Plan to Crush the Chickasaws

Brad Lieb
The Chickasaws had become a thorn in the side of the French, who often found their boats of supplies and goods for trading attacked and pillaged.

Battle of Ackia: The Plan Goes Awry

Brad Lieb
The French, set on eliminating the Chickasaws once and for all, developed a plan to attack from two sides.

The French Leader Bienville

Richard Green
The French explorer who later became the Governor of French Louisiana, Bienville, was the highest-ranking European who learned the Chickasaw language.

Ackia: The Ill-Fated French Attacks

Julian Prince
Julian Prince authored the historical novel, "Ackia" around the elaborate French plan to crush the Chickasaws.