Get Fresh: Breakfast in a Loaf

Healthy Recipes

The eggs, cheese and ham in this breakfast loaf get your day started off right with a solid dose of protein. Olives provide heart health benefits, mushrooms improve immune system function, tomatoes help fight high cholesterol and high blood pressure and red peppers pack a punch of vitamin C. When picking out your round bread loaf, choose one made with whole grains – whole grains are healthier than refined grains because they contain higher amounts of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and antioxidants. Regularly substituting processed foods with fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains is a great step in improving your overall health.


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Get Fresh: Apple-Glazed Carrots

Healthy Recipes
These apple-glazed carrots pack a big dose of vitamin A, which is important to immunity, organ function, eye health and visual acuity.

Get Fresh: Fruit & Yogurt Parfait

Healthy Recipes
This simple parfait uses only three ingredients – yogurt, fresh fruit and granola.

Get Fresh: Ice Cream in a Bag

Healthy Recipes
Rather than using cream and spoonfuls of sugar, this version of ice cream uses only skim milk and a pinch of sugar to cut down on fat and calories.

Get Fresh: Cabbage Lo Mein

Healthy Recipes
This cabbage lo mein is an extremely low calorie, flavorful meal that provides immune system protection.

Get Fresh: Banana Berry Smoothie

Healthy Recipes
The banana and strawberries in this smoothie provide a great dose of both fiber and vitamin C – and, by using low-fat yogurt and milk.

Get Fresh: Citrus Zest Fruit Salad

Healthy Recipes
This citrus zest fruit salad is an awesome smorgasbord of vitamins and fiber. Swap the vanilla low-fat yogurt for Greek low-fat yogurt.

Get Fresh: Chicken Italiano

Healthy Recipes
This delicious Chicken Italiano dish incorporates red bell peppers, squash and broccoli to give you a health dose of vitamin C, fiber and vitamin D.

Get Fresh: Veggie Bow Tie Au Gratin

Healthy Recipes
This veggie bow tie au gratin uses lean ground beef and a variety of vegetables and spices.