Enemy Tribes: Choctaws and Others Align with the French

Richard Green

Tribal historian Richard Green describes how the French, after losing battles with the Chickasaws, decided to attack them via surrogates. They had just enough trade goods to create alliances with many surrounding tribes who were all sent to attack the Chickasaws.


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Ackia Misfire: D'Arteguette Attacks Early

Brad Lieb
With a large army and Indian allies, the French seemed poised to overtake the Chickasaws on March 26, 1736.

Bienville Guided by Choctaws

Brad Lieb
Though he demanded to be taken to the Natchez village, Bienville wrote that the Choctaw guides led him “to and fro.”

The French Attacked a Chickasaw Peace Village

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Archaeologist LaDonna Brown describes the infamous 1736 Battle of Hikea (Ackia) in which the French attacked a Chickasaw peace village.

The Difference Between Chiefdoms and Tribes

Richard Green
Tribal historian Richard Green notes that tribes, which replaced chiefdoms, were ruled by consent rather than a divine leader.

First Ackia Attack: French from the North

Julian Prince
Julian Prince authored the historical novel, "Ackia" around the elaborate French plan to crush the Chickasaws.