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Beneficial Partnerships

Bill Lance, Secretary of Commerce
Bill Lance, Secretary of Commerce, says the Chickasaw Nation has enjoyed favorable partnerships with state and local communities.

Chickasaws Served as Frontier Guardsmen

Wendy St. Jean
Wendy St. Jean explains how Squirrel King was a great hero and frontier guardsman who helped ensure that the Chickasaws were armed.

Costumes for Lowak Dance Troupe, Scene 2

Margaret Roach Wheeler
Margaret Wheeler shows us her costumes for the second number performed by the six couples, reflecting 18th century dress.

When the Chickasaws Came to the Tupelo Area

Richard Green
They know de Soto arrived crossing the Tombigbee River in barges, but not how far north that was.

October 2011 - Inauguration Ceremony

Chickasaw Nation News
Governor Bill Anoatubby was sworn in for his seventh term during the inauguration ceremony on Monday, October 3, 2011.

Progressive Leadership with a Mission

Bill Lance, Secretary of Commerce
Strong leadership and vision have paved the road to success for the Chickasaw Nation.

Cultural Center Gift Shop: Artists' Work Displayed

Joanna Underwood Blackburn
Joanna Underwood Blackburn shares her excitement about the Chickasaw Cultural Center and gift shop, where her artwork is displayed.


123 Events

The Creek War

Began as a civil war within the Creek Nation but later included the U.S. and Chickasaws
The war began as a civil war within the Creek Nation over American encroachment.

Settling Down

A separation from the Choctaw Nation and a new era of self-governance
In 1855 the Chickasaw signed a treaty of separation from the Choctaws and regained their independence and rights to self-government.

The French Build on Natchez Soil

A move that would lead to four wars with the French and their Choctaw allies
The Chickasaws had allied with England, while the Choctaws sided with France.

First American Indian in Space

Astronaut John Herrington embarks on the sixteenth Space Shuttle mission to the International Space Station
John Herrington became the first enrolled member of a Native American tribe to fly in space.

Education and Commerce

The founding of the first Chickasaw holissaapisa, or schools
Once settled, the Chickasaws recognized the importance of developing their own commerce and educational systems.


A community bank founded to meet the financial needs of Native Americans
Bank2 is a community bank wholly owned by the Chickasaw Nation, dedicated to meeting the needs of Native Americans.

Offers Rejected

Levi Colbert flatly turns down Commissioner William Clark
On October 17, 1826, a Council was held between Commissioners William Clark and two others and Chickasaw representatives.

Treaty with the Chickasaw, 1834

Detailed stipulations from the 1832 Treaty of Pontotoc Creek and the land sales
A supplementary treaty was signed between the Chickasaw Nation and the United States in Washington, D.C., on May 24, 1834.

Indian Reorganization Act

Proposed to restore more sovereignty to the Native American people
The Wheeler-Howard Bill became known as the Indian Reorganization Bill or IRA. It was proposed by the new Commissioner of Indian Affairs.

Treaty with the Chickasaw, 1830, Unratified (also known as Treaty of Franklin)

Not ratified by the U.S. Senate and would eventually become void
The Chickasaw were forced to cede their lands in return for land west of the Mississippi River.

A Time of Pivotal Change

The deaths of two great leaders marked a turning point in Chickasaw and United States relations
George Washington died on December 14, 1799. There is not an exact date for Piominko's death.

Floyd Maytubby Appointed As Governor

A World War II and Great Depression governorship
Floyd Maytubby was appointed governor of the Chickasaw Nation in 1939. He served as governor from 1939-1963.

Chickasaw Nation Industries

Growing into over a dozen subsidiaries in multiple lines of businesses since its inception
Since 1996, CNI has continued to grow and expand with over a dozen subsidiaries in multiple lines of businesses and over 1,700 employees nationwide.

Trade Relationship Grows

The movement of goods between Carolina traders and the Chickasaws increase
The English in the Carolina colony were aware of the French claims and explorations in the Mississippi Valley, and eagerly pushed west.

Tupelo Dedicates Piominko Statue

Honoring the Chickasaw Nation's original homelands
In 2005, a six-foot tall bronze sculpture by William Beckwith was unveiled in front of the Tupelo City Hall. Kirk Perry represented the Chickasaws.

Moundville, the Ancient City

The largest settlement of Mississippian culture on the Black Warrior River in central Alabama
By 1250 Moundville was a city with close to 1,000 people and one of the larger settlements in North America, north of Mexico.

John Adams Elected President, Chickasaw George Colbert Emerges As Leader

A change in federal policy and a new era of challenges for the Chickasaws
John Adams didn't continue George Washington's policy of guaranteeing and protecting sovereign Native American territories.

Enabling Act

Provided for a draft of a constitution for a single state made up of Oklahoma Territory and Indian Territory
In 1906 Congress passed the Enabling Act, which provided for a draft of a constitution for a single state made up of Oklahoma and Indian Territory.

First Chickasaw Business, Chickasaw Motor Inn

The first of many successful economic ventures to come
In 1972, the Chickasaw Nation purchased a travel lodge in Sulphur, Oklahoma, paving the way for successful economic ventures around the globe.

Sovereign Medical Clinic

Expanded healthcare solutions for the Chickasaw people
Officials within the Chickasaw Nation broke ground on a complex that now houses the Sovereign Medical Clinic and Sovereign Pharmacy & Fine Gifts.