Detailed stipulations from the 1832 Treaty of Pontotoc Creek and the land sales

A supplementary treaty was signed between the Chickasaw Nation and the United States in Washington, D.C., on May 24, 1834. Chickasaw leaders who signed the treaty included George Colbert, Isaac Albertson, Martin Colbert, Henry Love and Benjamin Love. The treaty detailed stipulations from the 1832 Treaty of Pontitock Creek and the land sales, and it provided that a commission of seven members of the tribe to be formed to confirm the validity of the land sales. The Chickasaw leaders comprised of the commission included the men who signed the 1834 treaty, in addition to Ishtehotopa and Levi Colbert.

The 1834 Treaty with the Chickasaw also confirmed protection for the Chickasaws following removal to Indian Territory. Article 2 of the treaty states, "the United States, hereby consents to protect and defend Chickasaws against the inroads of any other tribe of Indians and from the whites without the limits of any State or Territory." This protection would be necessary because Chickasaws had unsettled scores with some of the Plains tribes due to disputes concerning hunting grounds in the Chickasaw Homeland. Moreover, attacks by Texas militia who were seeking justice after raids by those same southern plains tribes, and interference by unscrupulous migrant intruders and the presence of traders and trappers added turmoil and instability to the new land Chickasaws would be forced to remove to.