Allies and partners in the years leading up to the American Revolution

Early British settlers might not have succeeded in colonizing America without the help of the Chickasaw tribe. While other tribes were fighting the British settlers, the Chickasaw were quick to integrate the British and form an alliance with them.

The Chickasaws began trade with the early British settlers after the establishment of the Carolina colony in 1670. During these early years the Chickasaws would defend the British from their neighboring enemies, the Choctaws. The Chickasaws and the British would coordinate trade for each other. The British wanted deerskin and other goods in exchange for their advanced weapons and metal commodities.

While allied with the British, the Chickasaws would often engage in battle against the allegiance of the French and Choctaws. The British noticed their warlike prowess and were quick to arm the Chickasaws against the formidable French. The unconquerable Chickasaws aided the British well during the years leading up to the American Revolution.

After Britain’s loss in the American Revolutionary War, the Chickasaws fought as allies with the new United States in the years that followed.