The Chickasaws: Dilemma in Aligning with the British

Richard Green

Tribal historian Richard Green describes how the British traders had established the trading relationship with other tribes exchanging British guns for Indian slaves, and were interested in the same bargain with the Chickasaws. The European presence was imposing great change on the continent, and its impact brought the hard choices into sharp focus.


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The Chickasaws' Early Meetings with the French and British

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After migrating north up the Black Prairie, the Chickasaws again encountered European explorers, this time the French, around 1680.

Why the Chickasaws Aligned with the British

Richard Green
Richard Green explains why the Chickasaws soon reached the conclusion that they had no choice but to agree to the British terms for trade.

The Arduous Journey from Charlestown

Richard Green
At present day Tupelo, the Chickasaws lived far from Charlestown, the British trading center.