The Chickasaws' Surprise Night Attack: A Decisive Defeat

Richard Green

Tribal Historian Richard Green tells the remarkable story of how, on the eve of de Soto’s departure (after a confrontation over his untenable demands) the Chickasaws famously attacked. Also remarkable is that only one Chickasaw was lost in this David-and-Goliath-like battle.


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De Soto Invades and Chickasaws Ensue Surprise Night Attack

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The first historical mention of the Chickasaws occurs as de Soto and his Conquistadors attempted a river crossing in search of winter quarters.

The Chickasaws: Knowing of de Soto's Brutality and Demands

Richard Green
The Chickasaws had heard of de Soto’s brutality on the “Indian grapevine” and retreated to their villages.

A Strategy to Lose No Chickasaw Warrior

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Recognizing that the Spaniards were greater in number and firepower, the Chickasaws were prepared to lose a battle against them.

Why Didn't the Chickasaws Kill de Soto?

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Richard Green notes historians don’t agree on the number of de Soto’s camp who were killed – from a dozen to many more.