Robert Stephens: Hall of Fame

2007 Inductee

Robert R. Stephens served on the original steering committee which wrote the by-laws of the Chickasaw Nation in 1978. He served two terms as a Chickasaw tribal legislator and was the first chairperson of that legislative body. He was director of cultural resources and served as chairman of the cultural committee for the Chickasaw Nation. Stephens was the first gaming commissioner for the Chickasaw Nation.


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Zane Browning: Hall of Fame

2007 Inductee
Zane Browning began his career with the Bureau of Indian Affairs at age 19.

Pauline Brown: Hall of Fame

2007 Inductee
Pauline Carpenter Brown is a fluent speaker of the Chickasaw language and has considerable knowledge of Chickasaw history and culture.

Linda Hogan: Hall of Fame

2007 Inductee
Linda Henderson Hogan is an award-winning poet, short-story writer, novelist, playwright and essayist.