New Year, New Goals

Programs, Services and Resources to Help Chickasaw Citizens Thrive

You can make 2019 your healthiest year yet with help from the Chickasaw Nation. In order to provide convenient mental health services and normalize the act of receiving treatment for mental health issues, the Outpatient Counseling Services program cares for citizens dealing with issues such as depression, anxiety, substance abuse and trauma. All services are tailored to the individual patient's needs. The program also provides mental wellness screenings for Chickasaw Nation employees and classes on parenting and on relationship and marriage enhancement. Counselors enjoy witnessing patients' progress and helping them to live happier and more productive lives. If you need some encouragement on your fitness journey, the Chickasaw Nation's Moccasin Trails program may be just what you're looking for. The program provides assessments, health education, exercise demonstrations and more, with staff who act as "cheerleaders." Participants receive log books with which they measure exercise and food intake. Along with wellness assessments, these help the staff to develop individualized diet and fitness plans for them. There are two versions of the program, one for all Native Americans and one for Chickasaw Nation employees. Chickasaw citizen Hailey Nutt has turned her passion for fresh produce and community involvement into a profitable business, Tribal Juice. The name for the Dallas-based brand is derived from her Chickasaw heritage and her community-centric spirit. "I'm taking my roots and my heritage and using it as fuel and motivation," Nutt says. "I want to carry on the legacy of resilience." Her business offers delicious bottled juices made from the finest organic and raw ingredients. To learn more about Outpatient Counseling Services, the Moccasin Trails program or ideas for sticking to a healthy diet in the new year, visit