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Programs, Services and Resources to Help Chickasaw Citizens Thrive

The Chickasaw Nation is at work in many different areas, providing the inspiration and resources for artistic minds to express themselves. One program, the Young Artist Studio, provides students with one-on-one attention from trained artists, in addition to studio time and tools with which to create their work. Chickasaw artist Brent Greenwood says that there are no prerequisites and students are welcome to bring in their own works or create new pieces using studio resources. The Chickasaw Dance Studio provides instruction to all ages, ranging from babies to elders, and covers a wide range of styles including ballet and hip hop. More than a dance program, the Dance Studio has a mission to enhance the lives of the Chickasaw people through fitness, character building, artistic appreciation and community. Chickasaw heritage is itself a major source of artistic inspiration. According to Chickasaw artist Dustin Mater, "My muse is the Muskogean, the Mississippian art. When I see that, my mind just fills up with bubbles of ideas." Traditional art forms and motifs provide the basis for new creative works, bridging the gap between generations.