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Programs, Services and Resources to Help Chickasaw Citizens Thrive

The Chickasaw Nation deploys a variety of programs dedicated to helping citizens achieve their dream career. The Chickasaw Business Network aims to provide helpful resources for new and established entrepreneurs, using its Small Business Development Center to offer specialized counseling for business owners. Manager Randa Covington says, "We work closely with our clients, because we want them to be successful and have every opportunity that we can provide through the Chickasaw Business Network." Another important entity within the Chickasaw Nation is the Human Resources Department, which works to help citizens find the employment that they desire and to build the Nation through recruitment. The HR Department offers one-on-one workshops in which potential employers can meet with recruiters to work on their resumes and interview techniques. They also invite many companies to an annual career fair in the Ada area. Finally, the Adult Learning Program offers individualized instruction in Ada and Ardmore to help students pass their HISET, a series of alternative high school graduation tests. After students pass, they are either referred to Human Resources or steered toward higher learning or vocational training. To learn more about what the Chickasaw Nation can do for your career, visit