Arts and Humanities Month

Programs, Services and Resources to Help Chickasaw Citizens Thrive

October is designated National Arts and Humanities Month, a perfect time to take advantage of the arts and crafts classes offered to citizens of all skill levels by the Chickasaw Nation. Courses covering many art forms and mediums allow students to experiment with traditional and modern techniques. After completing a course, participants are given the opportunity to showcase their works in galleries and market them directly to the public. The outreach provided by the Arts and Humanities Division of the Chickasaw Nation is especially vital for youth who otherwise might lack a venue for artistic expression. Chickasaw elders have access to the senior artist workshops, which allow them to express themselves creatively and build social ties under the tutelage of seasoned instructors. The workshops are available at multiple locations and cater to all skill levels; all materials are provided, so participants only need to show up. While the arts and handicrafts are cherished within the Chickasaw Nation, the Chickasaw artistic legacy extends far beyond its borders. Kristen Dorsey crafts jewelry that blends Chickasaw tradition with a modern California aesthetic. She uses her art to speak about her background, incorporating elements that symbolize aspects of Chickasaw culture. Dorsey's hope is that future Chickasaws will be inspired by her example to take up metalsmithing.