Why the Chickasaws Aligned with the British

Richard Green

Richard Green explains why the Chickasaws soon reached the conclusion that they had no choice but to agree to the British terms for trade.


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The Arduous Journey from Charlestown

Richard Green
At present day Tupelo, the Chickasaws lived far from Charlestown, the British trading center.

The Chickasaws: Dilemma in Aligning with the British

Richard Green
Richard Green describes how the British traders had established the trading relationship with other tribes.

The Chickasaws: Terms Set Forth by the British

Richard Green
Richard Green notes that the British needed manpower: Indian slaves to work their sugar cane plantations in the Caribbean.

The Chickasaws' Early Meetings with the French and British

Brad Lieb
After migrating north up the Black Prairie, the Chickasaws again encountered European explorers, this time the French, around 1680.

Chickasaws in Desperate Need of Supplies

Brad Lieb
Enduring almost daily raids by French-allied Indians, the Chickasaws could not hunt for the deerskin used for trade with the British.

A Trade Advantage

Brad Lieb
As anthropologist Brad Lieb explains, leaders of prominent towns were able to set up trade relations with both the French and British.

The Chickasaws Had Strong Ties to the British

Brad Lieb
The Chickasaws were known for their unique ability to absorb others into their tribe.