Te Ata: The Emerging Artist

Lona Barrick

Lona Barrick illustrates the charismatic charm Te Ata exhibited throughout her very successful career, and the influential people who inspired her along the way. Learn more in Te Ata: Chickasaw Storyteller, American Treasure by tribal historian Richard Green.


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Te Ata: A JudyLee Oliva Production

Experience Chickasaw History and Culture
This film presents a short but fascinating biography of the woman who inspired a nation.

Te Ata: An Inspiration to Us All

Lona Barrick
Lona Barrick explains how Te Ata became honored as Oklahoma's "first cultural treasure."

Te Ata: Native Ambassador to the World

Lona Barrick
Lona Barrick describes the impact Te Ata had on Native American cultures by bringing their stories to the world's attention.

Te Ata and Ataloa in College

Lona Barrick
Lona Barrick illustrates the relationship between Te Ata and her cousin Ataloa – another successful Chickasaw artist.

Te Ata's Roots in Boarding School

Lona Barrick
Lona Barrick recounts the early childhood of Te Ata, who attended Bloomfield Academy with her sisters in the early 1900s.

Te Ata: An Oklahoma Treasure

Mason Cole
Te Ata was a force of nature. Even in her old age, she was still entertaining audiences with tales of her people, the Chickasaws.

Te Ata: Inspirational Storyteller

Lisa Billy
Lisa Billy recounts the ways in which the renowned Chickasaw Te Ata Fisher contradicted the norms of her day.