Settling the Western District Despite Odds

Richard Green

Richard Green reflects on the courage and strength the Chickasaws exhibited in settling their new homeland amid attacks from other tribes. Their triumphs would eventually result in the establishment of a new government, the naming of the capital of Tishomingo and in the regaining of sovereignty.


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Tishomingo: Our First Capital in Indian Territory

Neal McCaleb
The town of Tishomingo was the original seat of the Chickasaw Nation and the tribe built its capitol there in 1898.

First Capital in Indian Territory: Tishomingo

Jeannie Barbour
Jeannie Barbour describes the danger Chickasaws faced as new arrivals in Indian Territory on lands long used by Plains tribes.

Leaders of the Chickasaw Constitution Movement

Dr. Daniel Littlefield
Dr. Littlefield describes the succession of Chickasaw leaders as the Constitution Movement progressed.

Our Capitol in Tishomingo

Dr. Amanda Cobb-Greetham
On November 17, 1898, the new Chickasaw National Capitol was dedicated in Tishomingo, Indian Territory (the future Oklahoma).