Levi Colbert: Hall of Fame

2012 Inductee

Levi Colbert, or Itte-wamba Mingo in Chickasaw, was born in 1759 to James Colbert and his full-blood Chickasaw wife, Minta Hoye. Over time, he became a trusted Chickasaw representative and used his negotiation skills and his knowledge of the English language to protect the rights and land of the Chickasaws. He bargained with Thomas McKenney, Superintendent of Indian Affairs, and made sure that his tribe would have everything they needed to survive the Trail of Tears and rebuild once they arrived at their new Indian territory. Right before his death in 1834, he wrote a collection of letters to Andrew Jackson outlining his issues with the Treaty of 1832. These letters were delivered and resulted in the 1834 amendment to the Chickasaw Removal Treaty, just another example of Levi Colbert's extreme importance to Chickasaw history.