Indian Removal: Our Story

The Chickasaw Nation

American history tells the story of the Trail of Tears, when the five tribes of what is now the southeastern United States were forced to relocate to Indian Territory. But the depths of the losses the tribes endured have largely been told only by generation after generation of tribal people. Their unique perspectives are valuable for anyone who wants to understand a balanced view of the United States's westward expansion in its fledgling years as a new country.


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Events Leading Up to Removal

Experience Chickasaw History
National security concerns after the War of 1812 led the federal government to want control over the Indian lands along the Gulf Coast.

Removal Treaty: Self-Governance and Title

Stephen H. Greetham
In 1830, the Choctaw Nation agreed to relocate its people to the west of the Mississippi River but insisted on maintaining the sovereign nation.

"Indian Removal": A Book by Grant Foreman

The Chickasaw Nation
Originally published in 1932, Grant Foreman's "Indian Removal" remains a respected source in the field.