Absorbing Chickasaw History

William Beckwith

Given his assignment to create a full-length sculpture of Mountain Leader Piominko for a park in downtown Tupelo, accomplished sculptor Bill Beckwith undertook a great deal of reading about Piominko and Chickasaw history in the newly formed America. He found the experience transforming; he saw a depth and wisdom that changed him in a profound way.


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Our Warrior Identity Is Timeless

Dr. Amanda Cobb-Greetham, Director of Native American Studies, University of Oklahoma
Dr. Amanda Cobb-Greetham says that the Chickasaw warrior tradition dates back to the tribe's first contact with De Soto.

Piominko: Hall of Fame

2010 Inductee
Piominko served Chickasaws during the 18th century. He was born around 1750 at Chokkilissa' - Old Town, Mississippi.

The Tribe's Plan to Reenter Mississippi: Early Interest

Richard Green
Richard Green reports that in about 1978, Gov. Overton James responded to an invitation to tour the tribe's ancestral homelands in Mississippi.

When the Chickasaws Came to the Tupelo Area

Richard Green
They know de Soto arrived crossing the Tombigbee River in barges, but not how far north that was.