Holiday Crafts

Thrive: Tradtions

Gain inspiration from Chickasaw artisans and demonstrators and learn how you can keep Chickasaw traditional crafts alive in the coming year.

Medicine Bags

S4 • E10
Chickasaw elder Pat Greenwood Cox makes medicine bags to preserve the culture of her ancestors.

Deer Toe Shakers

S4 • E7
Expert deer toe shaker craftsman and Chickasaw cultural demonstrator Jesse Lindsey comes from a family with a proud history of craftsmanship.

Bead Artistry

S4 • E1
Chickasaw beadwork artist Ashley Wallace makes colorful creations using skills taught to her by her grandmother.

Turkey Calls

S3 • E5
Chickasaw master craftsman Wayne Edgar demonstrates the art of constructing and using traditional wild turkey calls.


S3 • E4
Chickasaw beader Courtney Parchcorn explains different traditional beading techniques and how they tell stories.

Beaded Jewelry

S3 • E1
Artisan Melvin Burris, who makes baskets and jewelry, describes the passion behind his crafts.


S2 • E4
Chickasaw artisan Susan Ledford says that basket weaving is one of the oldest known Native American crafts in existence.


S2 • E2
Chickasaw weaver Cotie Lancaster demonstrates her process of creating woven belts and mats using various types of looms.


S1 • E5
Eddie Postoak is a Chickasaw citizen and artisan who works with metal.


S1 • E1
Chickasaw potter Dixie Brewer demonstrates the ancient art of handcrafting pinch pots, which have been used for hundreds of years.