Typical Day in My Life

Lisa Billy

Lisa Billy's job sometimes requires her to work 14- and 15-hour days, but she always makes spending time with her family a priority. From walks through the fields in the morning and sitting on the porch in the evening, to volunteer work and church, a day in the life of Lisa Billy can take many different forms— but it's never boring.


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Teaching Children to Live from the Land

Lisa Billy
Lisa Billy has made it a priority to teach her children to live from the land in the way of their ancestors.

Mother and Representative

Lisa Billy
Lisa Billy says the biggest challenge to her credibility has been being a "housewife" and mother.

Lessons of a Father

Lisa Billy
As far back as Lisa Billy can remember, her father placed a high value on education.

Passions in Legislature

Lisa Billy
Chief among Lisa Billy's priorities in the legislature are two things.