Teaching Children to Live from the Land

Lisa Billy

Not many modern-day Chickasaw children have the chance to grow up surrounded by deer, horses and gardens of traditional food vegetables, but Lisa Billy has made it a priority to teach her children to live from the land in the way of their ancestors.


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Taking Better Care of the Earth

Lisa Billy
Lisa notes how important she and her husband believe it is to teach children a sensitivity to environmental issues.

Finding Peace on My Land

Lisa Billy
For Lisa Billy and her family, being outside on the land is about more than getting some fresh air.

Mother and Representative

Lisa Billy
Lisa Billy says the biggest challenge to her credibility has been being a "housewife" and mother.

Enduring Spirit of Chickasaw People

Lisa Billy
A spirit of enduring, a spirit of adaptiveness ... these are the phrases Lisa Billy uses to describe Chickasaw people.

Influence of Motherhood

Lisa Billy
Even when Lisa Billy is at the capitol and her children are in school, she is still heavily influenced by her role as a mother.

Typical Day in My Life

Lisa Billy
Lisa Billy's job sometimes requires her to work 14- and 15-hour days, but she always makes spending time with her family a priority.