Passions in Legislature

Lisa Billy

Chief among Lisa Billy's priorities in the legislature are two things: providing support for handicapped and disabled people, and helping to decrease Oklahoma's high percentage of female incarcerations. Though these two problems seem at first to be unrelated, Billy believes that strengthening and protecting families will go a long way toward accomplishing both ends.


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Mother and Representative

Lisa Billy
Lisa Billy says the biggest challenge to her credibility has been being a "housewife" and mother.

Overcoming Obstacles

Lisa Billy
Though the career of any public official is filled with challenges, Lisa Billy's Chickasaw heritage keeps her from being discouraged.

Typical Day in My Life

Lisa Billy
Lisa Billy's job sometimes requires her to work 14- and 15-hour days, but she always makes spending time with her family a priority.

First Female Native American Congresswoman in District

Lisa Billy
Lisa Billy is not only the first female congressman in her district— she is also the first Indian.

Overcoming Labels in Politics

Lisa Billy
Campaigning door to door, Lisa Billy came to the harsh realization that in politics, it was still very much a man's world.