The Chickasaw Creation Story

LaDonna Brown

LaDonna Brown describes the ancient story of creation that began with the Creator, bringing the first Chickasaw people to life on Earth – including the role of the crawfish and the raven. Migration stories describe the movement of Chickasaw peoples who originated in the West.


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At Moundville: The Horned Serpent Story

LaDonna Brown, Tribal Anthropologist, Department of History & Culture, Chickasaw Nation
LaDonna Brown describes a famous Chickasaw story her grandfather told her when she was a child when they lived not far from Moundville, Alabama.

The Chickasaw Migration Story

LaDonna Brown
To find their homeland, the Chickasaws and Choctaws migrated across the continent. They prayed each night for direction.

The Moundville Museum: Telling the Story

Experience Chickasaw History and Culture
Moundville Archaeological Park Director Bill Bomar explains the concept of the new museum.

Moundville: Home of Prehistoric Chickasaws?

Richard Green
Many believe that the Chickasaws descended from the Mississippian-era mound dwellers in Moundville.

The Warrior Identity in Lowak Shoppala'

Lona Barrick
Lona Barrick discusses the Chickasaw warrior identity in the production of Lowak Shoppala'.