The Ancient Language of Clans

Joshua Hinson

Joshua Hinson, Language Department Director for the Chickasaw Nation Division of Culture and Humanities, describes how his family learned the history of its clan, the Panther Clan.


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The Southeast Clan System Defined Societal Structure

LaDonna Brown, Tribal Anthropologist, Department of History & Culture, Chickasaw Nation
LaDonna elaborates on the societal structure clans provided, such as who could be leaders, doctors or warriors.

Muskogean Tribes: Clan Systems Organized Life

Joshua Hinson, Director, Language Department, Division of Culture & Humanities, Chickasaw Nation
Clan structure and the smaller house groups were organizing forces from the Mississippian period until the middle 1800s.

Descending from Clans: A Matrilineal Society

Joshua Hinson
Joshua Hinson explains that traditionally, Chickasaw heritage descended solely from the female.

The Chickasaws: Clan System Enabled the "Indian Grapevine"

Richard Green, Author & Former Chickasaw Nation Historian
The clan system enabled the Chickasaws to trade with and be welcomed by other tribal members of the same clan.

Drawn to Our Language

Joshua Hinson
Joshua Hinson describes his fine arts background and explains how he became drawn to art history and native language revitalization.

Two Keys to Learning the Language

Joshua Hinson
Joshua Hinson explains the keys to keeping the Chickasaw dialect alive.