Teaching the Chickasaw Language

Stanley Smith

Fluent speaker Stanley Smith says the Chickasaw language connects people to their heritage, and is something to be passed down from generation to generation. He illustrates the importance of language on the Chickasaw culture, and says he couldn't be happier to see the renewed interest in preserving the Chickasaw language for future generations.


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Keeping the Chickasaw Language Current

Lisa Billy
Lisa Billy describes how she enjoys being both a student and a teacher of Chickasaw.

Language Lessons

Dr. Amanda Cobb-Greetham, Director of Native American Studies, University of Oklahoma
Dr. Amanda Cobb-Greetham, Director of Native American Studies at the University of Oklahoma, discusses the head-start language program.

Two Keys to Learning the Language

Joshua Hinson
Joshua Hinson explains the keys to keeping the Chickasaw dialect alive.

'Children Speaking Chickasaw' Club

Joshua Hinson
Chipota Chikashshanompoli, or "Children Speaking Chickasaw" club, is a vital and vibrant part of the Chickasaw language revitalization program.

How to Become Proficient in Chickasaw

Joshua Hinson
Joshua Hinson discusses the Nation’s Master-Apprentice program and how it takes a unique and passionate person to learn a new language.

Language Is Culture

Joshua Hinson
Joshua Hinson describes the differences in English and Chickasaw pronunciations of native words & how certain words don't translate between the two.

Teaching the Chickasaw Language at Byng High School

Joshua Hinson
Joshua Hinson talks about the Chickasaw language course that he teaches at Byng High School in Oklahoma.

Chickasaw: A Unique Language

Pamela Munro
UCLA Linguistics Professor Pamela Munro explains some of the differences between Chickasaw and English, including the length of verbs.