Chickasaw: A Unique Language

Pamela Munro

UCLA Linguistics Professor Pamela Munro explains some of the differences between Chickasaw and English, including the length of verbs. Each year her students have fun trying to create the longest new verb.


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A Linguist's Appreciation of the Chickasaw Language

Pamela Munro
Pamela Munro is a linguistics professor at University of California at Los Angeles.

Chickasaw Dialect Varies by Region

Joshua Hinson
Pronunciation and structure of certain aspects of the Chickasaw language vary by region.

Chickasaw as a First Language

Stanley Smith
Stanley Smith was raised speaking Chickasaw and did not speak English until well into his childhood when he began attending school.

Teaching the Chickasaw Language

Stanley Smith
Stanley Smith says the Chickasaw language connects people to their heritage, and is something to be passed down from generation to generation.

Preserving the Language

Emma McLeod and Ellen Chapman
Ellen Chapman and Emma McLeod explain that teaching the native language helps to preserve Chickasaw culture and heritage for future generations.