Summer EBT for Children Program

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The Chickasaw Nation Summer EBT for Children Program provides food during the summer months to children who receive free or reduced-cost school meals. Similar to the WIC program, qualifying families in central and southeastern Oklahoma can receive about $40 of food per child per month in May, June and July. Benefits are placed on an EBT card, which is used like a debit card at participating stores. There are no tribal citizenship requirements and children do not have to be First American.

Upon approval, Summer EBT cards will be mailed to the address provided, along with a list of participating stores and permitted food items. The EBT cards can also be used at local and community produce stands, which supports local growers and provides nutritious, farm-fresh options. Participation in the federally funded program has no impact on other government assistance a family might receive. To learn more about the Chickasaw Nation Summer EBT for Children Program or to apply, visit or call (580) 272-1178.


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