Farm to School Program

Chickasaw Nation Citizen Benefits

The Chickasaw Nation's Farm to School Program gives kids a foundation for starting and maintaining healthy lifestyles. Local farmers visit classrooms and young students get to learn what it takes for plants to grow and thrive. They get to plant their own produce to take home and many end up tasting vegetables they've never had before. Recipes are even sent home with the students so they can share what they've learned with their families. To learn more, visit


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Sick Childcare Program

Chickasaw Nation Division of Health
The Sick Childcare program in Ada, Oklahoma, provides a place for sick children to be taken care of while their parents are at work.

Chickasaw Nation Nutrition Services: The Mission

Melinda Newport
Registered dietitians promote healthy eating and exercise through multiple education programs.

Chickasaw Nation Division of Health: A Healthy Start

Dr. Judy Goforth Parker
Access to healthy food and education about nutrition is a staple for children if they are going to grow into healthy adults.

Tobacco Prevention and Cessation

Chickasaw Nation Citizen Benefits
The Chickasaw Nation offers a range of free resources to help current smokers quit—and potential smokers to never start.

Senior Farmers' Market Nutrition Program

Chickasaw Nation Citizen Benefits
The Chickasaw Nation provides senior citizens with access to healthy food through the Seniors Farmers' Market and Winter Fruit and Vegetable Program.

Summer EBT for Children Program

Chickasaw Nation Citizens Benefits
The Summer EBT for Children Program provides qualifying families with funds to purchase nutritious food for children during the summer months.