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Chickasaw Nation Citizen Benefits

Food and nutrition are an important part of our daily lives, but sometimes the information needed to create healthy meals at home isn't readily available. The Chickasaw Nation helps Chickasaw citizens develop these healthy cooking skills through the Get Fresh! Program. Get Fresh! encourages healthy ways to prepare food and provides nutrition information through entertaining cooking shows. These shows are offered monthly at the nutrition services sites in Ada, Ardmore and Purcell or may be scheduled by request. And developing healthy eating habits isn’t just for adults. Helping children get off to a healthy start is key to safeguarding a healthy future. That’s why the Get Fresh! program also provides nutrition education for a wide variety of youth organizations and schools through interactive cooking classes, food demonstrations, interactive classroom lessons and health fairs.

For additional information about the Get Fresh program, please visit and find recipes and monthly calendars at


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Chickasaw Nation Citizen Benefits
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Great recipes and camaraderie are scheduled routinely at Chickasaw Nation Wellness and Food Distribution Centers.

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Chickasaw Nation Citizens Benefits
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