State of the Nation 2016

The 56th Annual Meeting

Governor Bill Anoatubby addressed the cheering crowd at Murray State College in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, a city which welcomed numerous new businesses in the last year. 2016 saw the introduction of Rosetta Stone Chickasaw, a new way for Chickasaw citizens to learn and study their native language. Governor Anoatubby also shared that the Chickasaw Nation’s debt would be fully retired by the year 2018, which is 14 years ahead of schedule, and he discussed the impressive new WinStar Convention Center in Thackerville. Additional new projects, including a senior center and community center in Oklahoma City, will further benefit all Chickasaws who live in the area. And back in the historical Chickasaw homelands, citizens are hard at work preserving their cultural and historical heritage.


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