State of the Nation 2012

The 52nd Annual Meeting

Governor Anoatubby announced that "The state of the Chickasaw Nation is strong and thriving." Attendance for the 2012 State of the Nation address reached maximum capacity, as the audience learned about new business opportunities and services that continue to improve the overall quality of life for the Chickasaw people. For a complete directory of the services and programs offered to the Nation, visit


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State of the Nation 2007

The 47th Annual Meeting
"Our vision is that every Chickasaw has access to education, quality healthcare and adequate housing."

State of the Nation 2006

The 46th Annual Meeting
"Last year I announced that we would designate $10 million in funding specifically for services to be provided to our Chickasaw brothers and sisters."

State of the Nation 2004

The 44th Annual Meeting
"We have seen the tangible results of this growth by the increase in the programs and services we provide."

State of the Nation 2005, Part 1

The 45th Annual Meeting
"Our efforts at gathering and preserving parts of the Chickasaw past have never been stronger!"

State of the Nation 2008

The 48th Annual Meeting
"The Chickasaw Cultural Center provides more than just a meeting place. It's more than a place for celebration."

State of the Nation 2010

The 50th Annual Meeting
Chickasaw Nation Governor Bill Anoatubby pointed to the opening of a new hospital and cultural center and the purchase of Remington Park.

State of the Nation 2009

The 49th Annual Meeting
"One of the most customary ways to tell our story is through oral tradition."

State of the Nation 2011

The 51st Annual Meeting
Governor Anoatubby announced that "The state of the Chickasaw Nation is strong" and is experiencing "unprecedented success."

State of the Nation 2013

The 53rd Annual Meeting
To paraphrase Chickasaw Nation Governor Bill Anoatubby, each day is better than the last for the thriving Chickasaw Nation.

State of the Nation 2014

The 54th Annual Meeting
"Honor, Tradition, Courage: Our People" is the theme of the 2014 Annual Meeting & Festival.

State of the Nation 2015

The 55th Annual Meeting
"Chikasha Poya: We Are Chickasaw" is the theme of the 2015 Annual Meeting & Festival.

State of the Nation 2016

The 56th Annual Meeting
The 2016 Annual Meeting & Festival is called "A Gathering of Our People."

State of the Nation 2017

The 57th Annual Meeting
Governor Bill Anoatubby outlines a spectacular year of progress for the Chickasaw Nation.