Ruling the Mississippi: Removal-Era Leverage

Jeannie Barbour

Jeannie Barbour relates how the Chickasaws' strategic location and control of key waterways accelerated their development as skilled traders and business people. She notes the federal government was more willing to negotiate with the Chickasaws on Removal because of their history of shutting down traffic on the rivers.


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The Tribe's Plan to Reenter Mississippi: Early Interest

Richard Green
Richard Green reports that in about 1978, Gov. Overton James responded to an invitation to tour the tribe's ancestral homelands in Mississippi.

Historical Focus of Chickasaw Removal

Dr. Daniel Littlefield
Dr. Littlefield’s book, "Chickasaw Removal", frames a span of time from 1820 to 1856.

The Drive for Removal Begins with Jefferson

Dr. Daniel Littlefield
The Mississippi legislature was relentless about pushing for removal, and President Andrew Jackson was a leading proponent.

Events Leading Up to Removal

Experience Chickasaw History
National security concerns after the War of 1812 led the federal government to want control over the Indian lands along the Gulf Coast.