Ride Along with the Lighthorse Police

The Chickasaw Nation

Meet the Lighthorse Police – the Chickasaw Nation's exceptional team of patrol officers, investigators, administrators and dispatchers charged with the duty to serve and protect the Chickasaw Nation area. These brave men and women work in partnership with the Indian and non-Indian communities to protect lives and property, fight crime, and enhance the quality of life for everyone they serve.


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Lighthorse Police: Jeremy Spradlin and K9 Unit

K9 Officer
Kaya, Officer Spradlin's German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois mix, is his most valuable tool on the job.

The Organizational Structure of Lighthorse Police

Thomas John
The Chickasaw Territory covers thirteen Oklahoma counties and more than 7,600 square miles.

Community Support for Law Enforcement

Jason O'Neal, Former Lighthorse Police Chief
A trailblazer in Oklahoma, the Chickasaw tribe has provided direct funding for the creation of the Lighthorse Police Department and its officers.