Community Support for Law Enforcement

Jason O'Neal, Former Lighthorse Police Chief

A trailblazer in Oklahoma, the Chickasaw tribe has provided direct funding for the creation of the Lighthorse Police Department and its officers, tools and communications. Subsequently, through teamwork with the state, the department has increased the quality of safety for all Oklahomans. Learn more from Jason O'Neal, former Lighthorse Police Chief and current Deputy Assistant Director for the Bureau of Indian Affairs.


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Ride Along with the Lighthorse Police

The Chickasaw Nation
These brave men and women work in partnership with the Indian and non-Indian communities to protect lives and property and fight crime.

Citizen Calls to the Lighthorse Police

Jason O'Neal
The Lighthorse Police Department is the primary responder for crimes and issues that occur on Indian properties and allotments.

High Standards for the Lighthorse Police

Jason O'Neal, Former Lighthorse Police Chief
The Lighthorse Police Department of the Chickasaw Nation prides itself on its highly trained officers.