Monumental Earthworks: Advanced Civilizations

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LaDonna Brown notes that the Mississippian period existed from about 900 A.D. to 1400 A.D. What we have to account from this era are the enormous mounds they built, with great care given to their positions in terms of alignment with the stars and the cycles of seasons.


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The Largest Mound Site: Cahokia

LaDonna Brown, Tribal Anthropologist, Department of History & Culture, Chickasaw Nation
LaDonna Brown describes the Cahokia Mound site.

The Amazing New Moundville Museum

LaDonna Brown
LaDonna Brown describes the long-awaited museum opening.

Emerald Mound and Others in Our Homelands

LaDonna Brown
LaDonna surveys other mounds from the Woodland and Mississippian period.

Spiro Mounds: Trade Center for the Continent

LaDonna Brown
LaDonna Brown notes that Spiro Mounds, located in eastern Oklahoma, is the trade center between the Southeast and the Southwest.

Evolution from Mounds to a Smaller Village Site

LaDonna Brown
The Mississippian era was characterized by immense change, however many ancient lifeways remain intact.

The Wickliffe Mounds: The Deep Connection I Felt

Experience Chickasaw History and Culture
LaDonna Brown reflects on her experience at Wickliffe Mounds and the close connection she immediately felt with the landscape there.

My First Mound Experience: Wickliffe Mounds, Part 1

Experience Chickasaw History and Culture
LaDonna Brown recalls her first visit to a mound site and the powerful experience it proved to be.

Mound Sites: Evidence of Well-Established Trade

Experience Chickasaw History and Culture
LaDonna Brown cites features shared by mound sites that demonstrate how trade had long been an important aspect of Southeastern Indians' lives.