The Amazing New Moundville Museum

LaDonna Brown

LaDonna Brown describes the long-awaited museum opening, an experience she finds remarkable in its ability to capture a deep sense of what life would have been like for Mississippian mound people by interpreting the ancient southeastern Indian culture in great detail.


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The Structure Atop Platform Mounds

LaDonna Brown
LaDonna explains how the location of a dwelling on top of the platform mound is seen as a defining characteristic of the Mississippian time period.

At Moundville: The Horned Serpent Story

LaDonna Brown, Tribal Anthropologist, Department of History & Culture, Chickasaw Nation
LaDonna Brown describes a famous Chickasaw story her grandfather told her when she was a child when they lived not far from Moundville, Alabama.

Artifacts from Moundville Site Excavations

Experience Chickasaw History and Culture
Archaeologists at most mound sites try to excavate only 5%-10% of the site to avoid destroying it.

Moundville Museum: A Unique Exhibit Experience

Bill Bomar
Building the Moundville Museum was a nearly decade-long process as funds were collected.

Moundville Museum: A "Splendor of Ancient Culture"

Bill Bomar
The historical site of Moundville in Alabama is an important ancestral home to numerous tribes of Native Americans originating from the southeast.

Moundville: Aerial Tour

Experience Chickasaw History and Culture
Moundville was a preeminent ancient center of mound culture on the Black Warrior River, just west of present-day Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Bill Bomar: Famous Moundville Artifacts

Experience Chickasaw History and Culture
Carved from a single piece of stone, the Duck bowl was called "the most significant prehistoric artifact ever found in the U.S."

The Moundville Museum: Telling the Story

Experience Chickasaw History and Culture
Moundville Archaeological Park Director Bill Bomar explains the concept of the new museum.