Chickasaw Nation Nutrition Services: Something for Everyone

Melinda Newport

With a dozen registered dietitians on staff, Nutrition Services provides advice, cooking tips, recipes, Get Fresh! food preparation demonstrations, and advice about healthy foods to prevent disease and promote wellness to anyone in the community.


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Chickasaw Nation Nutrition Services: The Mission

Melinda Newport
Registered dietitians promote healthy eating and exercise through multiple education programs.

Chickasaw Nation Nutrition Services: The Farmers' Market

Melinda Newport
Seasonal fresh fruits and vegetables are on the menu and local produce growers benefit as well, thanks to the Farmers' Market program.

Chickasaw Nation Nutrition Services: Separation of Responsibilities

Melinda Newport
Education is a central theme for Nutrition Services, to help parents and children develop a plan for healthy eating.

Get Fresh!

Chickasaw Nation Citizen Benefits
The Chickasaw Nation helps citizens develop healthy cooking skills through the Get Fresh! Program.