De Soto Was No Hero

Richard Green

Richard Green describes two vastly different historical viewpoints about De Soto.


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The Chickasaws: Knowing of de Soto's Brutality and Demands

Richard Green
The Chickasaws had heard of de Soto’s brutality on the “Indian grapevine” and retreated to their villages.

Second Attack Drives de Soto Away

Richard Green
Richard Green notes that in a subsequent attack, the Chickasaws did lose a few warriors to de Soto’s army, but succeeded in driving him away.

Chickasaws Complete the de Soto Story

Scott Pardue
Scott Pardue believes it is important for the Chickasaws to share their perspective of de Soto.

De Soto: A Tragic Figure

Scott Pardue
If de Soto had returned to Spain he would not have been a hero since he failed to find gold.

The Significance of de Soto

Scott Pardue
Scott Pardue shares the significance of de Soto's exploration throughout the Southeastern United States.