De Soto Expedition: Telling a Balanced Story

Scott Pardue

Scott Pardue, superintendent of the De Soto National Memorial, explains the importance of telling the story of De Soto's expedition and his interactions with the Chickasaw people in a balanced way.


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The Chickasaws: Knowing of de Soto's Brutality and Demands

Richard Green
The Chickasaws had heard of de Soto’s brutality on the “Indian grapevine” and retreated to their villages.

Tribes Shared Information on de Soto

Richard Green
The tribes, or chiefdoms, who had long traded together, carefully observed and communicated de Soto’s abusive actions to forewarn others.

Chickasaws Complete the de Soto Story

Scott Pardue
Scott Pardue believes it is important for the Chickasaws to share their perspective of de Soto.

De Soto: A Tragic Figure

Scott Pardue
If de Soto had returned to Spain he would not have been a hero since he failed to find gold.

De Soto from the Native Perspective

Scott Pardue
The retelling of the de Soto story has been biased from a European perspective. It is time for Native Americans to offer their perspectives.

The Significance of de Soto

Scott Pardue
Scott Pardue shares the significance of de Soto's exploration throughout the Southeastern United States.

De Soto Arrives in North America: A Great Collision of Cultures

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Historian and artist Hermann Trappman describes the cultural clash when European explorers arrived on the North American continent.