Corruption Hidden and Truth Written

Richard Green

Tribal historian Richard Green explains how a young researcher and historian named Angie Debo became immersed in the subject of Indian lands and how they were stolen after statehood. She wrote a devastating account of it in her landmark book, And Still the Waters Run, lifting the veil on what was done to the five Southeastern tribes in removal by the U.S. government.


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Chickasaws Overrun and Defrauded by Settlers

Dr. Daniel Littlefield
“Chickasaw Removal” author Dr. Daniel Littlefield describes the years before the tribe was removed in 1837.

Why Jackson Delayed Removal: An Opinion

Dr. Daniel Littlefield
Dr. Daniel Littlefield speculates on the changing conditions of the time, and Jackson’s motives in terms of timing.

Daily Journals of Removal Officers

Dr. Daniel Littlefield
Dr. Daniel Littlefield points to the requirement for the military officers to keep daily journals to justify their accounts during removal.

The Diminishing Chickasaw Domain

Richard Green
Richard Green emphasizes how painful it was for Chickasaws to even contemplate leaving their ancestral homeland.

Struggle on Arrival in Indian Territory

Richard Green, Author & Former Chickasaw Nation Historian
Richard Green describes the wilderness and shortages of food and water that awaited the Chickasaws and Choctaws on arrival in their new homeland.

Foreman Understood the Trauma of Removal

Richard Green
Historian Richard Green cites the extraordinary empathy author Grant Foreman felt for the Southeastern tribes forced from their homelands.

Digging for Insight into Chickasaw Removal

Dr. Daniel Littlefield
Dr. Dan Littlefield speculates on why there are no known documents written by the Chickasaws.