A talent for capturing the importance and beauty of ordinary life

Beth Perkins is a photographer who aims to capture the importance and beauty of ordinary life. She lived in Mexico City until she was seven and then moved to Texas, where she spent most of her young life. Perkins now resides in New York City, in the neighborhood of Rockaway Beach.

She spent her time in college at Southwestern University, immersed in the arts, and that is where she found her love for photography. After college she moved to New York City, and took an assistant position at GQ magazine. She gained experience there, but knew that photography was the career she wanted.

After a rewarding position at Carter Smith, Beth now is at the top of the commercial photography industry. Many artists rave about her work, including Pulitzer Prize-winning designer Ronn Campisi. He stated, "Beth knows the moment when the light is perfect, when the energy of her subject is focused, and everything is somehow exquisitely arranged within the frame, resulting not in just a pretty picture, but some kind of emotional truth."

Perkins brings recognition and honor to the Chickasaw Nation for her moving work. As a Chickasaw woman focused on showing different cultures, she makes the Nation proud with her photography and talent. In her spare time, she works with at-risk children in her Rockaway Beach neighborhood, encouraging creative expression.


Featured in Photo District News Annual Choices for Emerging Talent in 2002 Subject of an art exhibit at The Queens Museum of Art Existing and historical clients include Bank of America, Amerigroup, Liberty Mutual and many magazines, including Glamour, Wired, Inc., W, Newsweek and Ladies Home Journal