New Releases

Windows to the Chickasaw Past

New episodes of Winter Fire, Elders Speak and Profiles of a Nation provide vivid depictions of the Chickasaw Nation's past, from Chickasaw elders and veterans to the leaders who helped build a new life in Indian Territory.

Tishomingo: The Historic Chickasaw National Capitol

S5 • E2
The Historic Chickasaw National Capitol in Tishomingo stands as a symbol of the Chickasaw Nation's fight for tribal identity and independence.

Deer Toe Shakers

S4 • E7
Expert deer toe shaker craftsman and Chickasaw cultural demonstrator Jesse Lindsey comes from a family with a proud history of craftsmanship.

Chickasaw Princesses

S16 • E3
Since 1963, Chickasaw princesses, past and present, are a proud part of Chickasaw heritage.

Tribal Councils: Benjamin Franklin's Framework for Democracy

S5 • E1
Tribal council houses provided Benjamin Franklin and the newly independent United States a successful model of representative democracy.

Back in the Day

S2 • E1
On the grounds of Kullihoma around a crackling fire, Chickasaw grandparents share stories from their lives with their grandchildren.


S1 • E4
Chickasaw elders recount their experiences serving their country during wartime.

Chickasaw Explorers 2018

S2 • E3
See the life-changing journey to the Homeland that bonded ten Chickasaw students together and strengthened the connection to their ancestors.

Clans to Constitutions

S2 • E2
From the ancient clan system to modern constitutions, the Chickasaws have always valued sovereignty and self-governance through customs or laws.


S2 • E1
See the story of the ancient Chickasaws' versatile use of plant life in the Homeland and Indian Territory.

Bill Kinney

S16 • E2
Accounting professor Bill Kinney learned a lesson from Chickasaw history about adapting to your circumstances.

Joe F. Moore

S16 • E1
Joe F. Moore achieved his dream of attending MIT and went on to become a pioneer in computer technology and oil refining.