A striking Chickasaw defeat over Bienville and his army

On April 1, Bienville departed Mobile by boat up the Tombigbee River, arriving at Fort Tombecbe on April 23. He left on May 3 for the final push to the Chickasaw villages.

On May 25, the army of 544 Frenchmen, 600 Choctaws and 45 African soldiers camped about five miles from the Chickasaw's three larger village settlements: Hikki'ya' (Ackia), Chokka' Falaa' and Api' Ani' (Apeony). At this point Bienville did not know about D'Artaguiette's defeat, nor did he send a scouting party to find him. Bienville also was unaware the Chickasaw warriors found the letter in D’Artaguiette’s pocket detailing Bienville’s soon-to-be surprise attack. On May 26, 1736, Bienville attacked the village of Hikki'ya' (Ackia). Bienville and his men were overpowered by the Chickasaws; however, Bienville did escape with his life and returned to Louisiana.

The Battle of Hikki'ya' (Ackia) would not be the last time the French would try to defeat the Chickasaw.