Piominko's forces launch a surprise attack and forced the Creeks to flee

Piominko's pro-American supporters continued to gain strength against the Spanish-Creek alliance. After an unsuccessful attempt from the Spanish to bribe Piominko, the Spanish then got permission from Ugala Yacabe [you-guh-lah yock-uh-bee] or Wolf's Friend to establish a military post at Chickasaw Bluffs (near present-day Memphis, Tennessee). Following this, many of Ugala Yacabe's followers established a near-by settlement for protection against Piominko’s warriors.

This did not deter Piominko, who with his army of 200 Chickasaw warriors, kept up his war on the Spanish-supported Creeks. In an attempt to subdue Long Town, Piominko's headquarters, more than 1,000 Creek warriors attacked that village and other Chickasaw settlements in 1795. However, with excellent reconnaissance, and supplies from the U.S., Piominko's forces launched a surprise attack and forced the Creeks to flee. By December 1795, the Creeks were beginning to seek peace with the Chickasaws, mainly because their ally, Spain, had grown weary of defending its colony.