United We Survived

The Chickasaw Nation

This short, dramatic video presents highlights of Chickasaw history, beginning with de Soto's arrival, as a series of challenges faced and hardships endured. The pivotal 1970s and '80s unleashed great potential in the Chickasaw Nation. Today's prosperity and pride are hard-won, exciting and deeply satisfying.


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Nixon's Vision: An Enlightened Indian Policy

Neal McCaleb, Ambassador At-Large, Chickasaw Nation
The late 1960s were a period of protest and unrest for many in the U.S., including American Indians.

Nixon's Policies Empowered Tribes

Jeannie Barbour
Jeannie Barbour explains how most people aren't aware of Nixon's impact on Native Americans and how his policies helped them reestablish sovereignty.

Tribal Sovereignty: The Constitution is Clear

Tom Cole
Congressman Tom Cole takes on the issue of tribal sovereignty.

What President Nixon Did for Native People

Lisa Billy
Lisa reflects on the impact of the Self Determination Act of 1975, which his leadership brought about.

1970-83: 5 Nations Fully Reinstated

Stephen Greetham
Stephen Greetham serves as attorney for the Chickasaw Nation and explains how it wasn't until 1983 that the Chickasaws revised their Constitution.