Unique Opportunities for Employment

Bill Lance, Secretary of Commerce

The Chickasaw Nation is a unique place for employment because the opportunities are so diverse. Employees have the ability to explore their personal goals and interests in a growing array of businesses while staying with the same employer.


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Early Core Values Continue

Bill Lance, Secretary of Commerce, Chickasaw Nation
Good customer service and a good product are the keys to operating successful businesses.

Career Development Initiative

Stacey Edger, Career Development Initiative Director
Chickasaw citizens have the opportunity to begin successful careers with the help of the Career Development Initiative.

Vocational Rehabilitation Program

Michelle Wilson, Vocational Rehabilitation Director
The Vocational Rehabilitation Program consumers meet with counselors who assist in meeting educational and training goals, or help in finding a job.

Chickasaw Nation Transportation Services

Angie Gilliam, Director of Transportation Services
The Chickasaw Nation’s Transportation Services program assists citizens who need help getting to various appointments.

Chickasaw Business Network

Chickasaw Nation Citizen Benefits
The Chickasaw Business Network offers training, resources and networking opportunities for entrepreneurs within the Chickasaw Nation.

Chickasaw Employment Access

Chickasaw Nation Citizen Benefits
Explore the services the Chickasaw Employment Access program offers to Chickasaw citizens who face barriers to employment.

HR Recruitment

Chickasaw Nation Citizen Benefits
The Chickasaw Nation HR Recruitment program provides employment training and connects individuals with employers in their desired field.