Tishominko: Hall of Fame

2011 Inductee

Chickasaw leader Tishominko was born about 1735 in Mississippi and has come to be remembered as one of the last great minkos of the Chickasaws. Tishominko was an influential, preeminent leader and fought many battles. Some of Tishominko's greatest influence and service was during the time leading up to and during the Chickasaw Removal. Tishominko passed away before reaching Indian Territory near the Little Rock depot. A district in the old Chickasaw Nation, a county in Chickasaw Nation Indian Territory and a county and stream in present-day Mississippi are all named in honor of Tishominko. Today, the capital city of the Chickasaw Nation carries his name and the Great Seal of the Chickasaw Nation bears his image as a symbol of what it means to be Chickasaw.


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